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CASA SAN MIGUEL, Museum of Community Heritage, San Antonio, Zambales
CASA San Miguel: A Home for the Creative Hearts of Zambales
This is Casa San Miguel, a community-based school in Barrio San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales, that harnesses arts and culture as a medium for community development. Owned and managed by renowned violinist Alfonso “Coke” Bolipata.
“CASA” also known as “Creative Alternatives for Social Actions” was opened in 1993 to give back to the community of Pundaquit, and to nurture its children by giving it a healthy learning environment, and teaching them art education & production.
CASA San Miguel also holds residency programs for painters, musicians, multi-media artists, filmmakers, photographers & writers, where they can be given a new environment and culture to immerse in, and get inspired to create new work with fresh eyes.
Its home structure that resembles a bricked Swiss chalet houses many other things. Inside, there is an intimate concert hall, a museum of Zambaleno artifact, an art gallery of their artists’ work & a café serving gourmet dishes.
CASA San Miguel continues to enrich the lives of the people where it stands. It has become Zambales’ home for imaginations; a space for endless possibilities, and proving that art and classical music isn’t just a pleasure reserved for the elite, but for those with true creative hearts.

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