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Validation of Duque’s Natural Farm for Wind Pump Request

Relative to the enactment of Republic Act No. 10068 – “An Act Providing for the Development and Production of Organic Agriculture in the Philippines and for Other Purposes” otherwise known as the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, Duque’s Natural Farm is the first farm in San Antonio practicing organic farming.

Since 2013, Duque’s Farm had been using organic fertilizers and is producing their own concoctions in their vegetable crop production. Organic farming not only enriches the fertility of the soil but also reduce the destruction of environment due to the depletion of natural resources by using harmful chemicals. The main objective of this natural way of farming protects the health not only of the farmers itself but also the consumers.

 To help the Duque’s Farm sustain organic production and lessen its production cost, the Department of Agriculture – Regional Office III (DA-RFO III) under the Organic Agriculture Program in coordination with the Local Government of San Antonio, Zambales had allocated one (1) unit of windmill pump. And on March 1, 2018, staff from the DA-RFO III – Regional Agriculture Engineering Division (RAED) had visited the Duque’s Natural Farm to validate if the area is feasible for the construction of said wind pump.

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