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San Antonio Moringa Processor Association’s Shing-A-Ling

One of the products of San Antonio Zambales is San Antonio Moringa Processor Association’s Shing-A-Ling.
This is not the usual shing-a-ling that is made from fried miki noodles. This is made with a twist! The snack is made nutritious by adding malunggay leaves as one of the ingredients. This comes in different flavors – cheese, garlic, bbq, sour cream, spicy bbq and spicy garlic.
Aside from shing-a-ling, SAMPA also has other products to offer:
*banana loaf
*pastillas de leche
*pancit cantoon noodles
And take note, all the products contain malunggay leaves!
FOR YOUR ORDERS, pls. cpntact:
* Nancy Fitel – 09282815608
* Haydee Marticio 09467617583

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