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List of Contact Nos. and E-mail Address of the Different Departments of the Municipality of San Antonio, Zambales

BPLONEIL A. VILLA(047) 307 9621[email protected]

Municipal MayorEDZEL L. LONZANIDA, MD0949-401-7173[email protected]
TreasuryLUZVIMINDA P. ASIO0920-677-1638[email protected]
AccountingJOSIE D. ALMERO, CPA0947-960-7227[email protected]
AssessorNOEL R. MANZANO, REA0908-885-4901[email protected]
MPDOALMA P. TABILE0923-083-5055[email protected]
LCRZENAIDA R. LACERONA0939-043-1064[email protected]
EngineeringFRESHNEL M. CONCEPCION0928-795-8185[email protected]
MHOJERALD JOHN A. QUINTERO, MD.0920-680-5190[email protected]
AgricultureJENNY BABE D. CAABAY0939-580-7405[email protected]
MSWDOCORAZON A. ZAMORA, RSW0939-903-9212[email protected]
BudgetKRISHNA O. GARCIA0918-688-9627[email protected]
HRMOSTEPHANIE NIÑA N. NAVARRO, DPA0943-657-6167[email protected]
SBDAISY TABON RAGADIO0918-918-9396[email protected]
MDRRMODEMOSTHENES D DE JESUS0930-541-7851[email protected]
PESOALONA RUTH ANCHO 0961-278-0338[email protected]
TourismMA. FE D. ACEBEDO  0923-085-5116[email protected]
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