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Monitoring of ICFP Projects Conducted

 Frequent monitoring of Integrated Community Food Production (ICFP) Project in Brgy. East Dirita and Brgy. West Dirita is done to ensure the continuity of the project. These Bottoms-up Budgeting project had benefited 25 household family and were given opportunities to raise nutritious food in their own backyards.

 The Barangay Technicians assigned in the said barangays also coordinates to Barangay Nutrition Scholars Ms. Joy T. Rios of Brgy. East Dirita and Ms. Marie Fe Gabriento of Brgy. West Dirita the status of severely underweight children of the household-recipients if there had been development in the health conditions of the children. An increase in the weight of the children signifies a good outcome of the ICFP project.

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