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I am truly honored and grateful for the chance that San Antonians have provided me in order to serve them. With the truest sincerity, I am going to do my duties and responsibilities as the Municipal Mayor of San Antonio, with respect and integrity.

As a novice in the field of politics, rest assured, I am going to do my job as an ordinary dedicated citizen and not as a politician. This way, I only have work and accomplishments in mind; not promises and popularity building.

As the Tourism Industry of San Antonio continues to flourish, let us work hand in hand in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of our tourist attractions. It is not enough that people visit our place once a year to see its scenic views; we must let them experience the exquisiteness of San Antonio and the feeling of satisfaction and tranquility when staying in our town. it is not just the beauty of the place that attracts them to visit us, but most importantly the hospitality, honesty, and respectful San Antonians that welcomes them with open arms and heart!

San Antonio: Our Home, Your Paradise!


Municipal Mayor


By 2030, a premier tourist destination and a healthy empowered citizenry with a firm, decent and progressive leadership building a model community.


To provide a better quality of life to every San Antonian through the implementation of sustainable and comprehensive development programs focused on Health Care, Tourism, and Social Welfare and Agriculture rendered efficiently and with utmost integrity and professionalism.

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