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25 Families Benefited from Integrated Community Food Production Program

The Municipal Government of San Antonio, Zambales has identified 25 family beneficiaries for the Integrated Community Food Production Project. The ICFP project will enable poor people, whether farmers or not to produce carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals fiber and protein- rich foods around their homes. It is envisioned that the project will the identified beneficiaries initial nutritious food supply in a period of one year. The beneficiaries will be trained to sustain the project even after the termination of the requested program funding.

This ICFP Project is under the Bottom-up Budgeting (BUB) system that encourages bottom-up planning for LGU projects  that directly benefit poor communities. The beneficiaries are composed of 13 households from  Brgy. West Dirita and 12 from Brgy. East Dirita. The beneficiaries were given assorted vegetable seeds, seedlings, fruit seedlings and garden tools to start their backyard garden. Capability building was also integrated in the said program to enhance the attitude, improve skills and knowledge of the beneficiaries regarding Integrated Community Food Production. This is to capacitate the beneficiaries on the technical management of home gardening and seed selection, poultry and livestock production, organic fertilizer production and vermiculture. The proposed program will enable the beneficiaries to produce carbohydrates, vitamin, mineral, fiber, and protein – rich foods around their homes.

Feeding program was also integrated in the said program to give nutritious food to the 25 severely underweight children of the household-recipient.

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